BECCA Cosmetics No Longer Cruelty-Free?

BECCA quickly became the it name in the makeup industry. Who could forget the champagne pop highlighter that was sold out everywhere, and made highlights on ‘fleek’. I have even had it on my to buy list.

Cruelty Free Kitty just announced that BECCA has been brought by Estée Lauder, another makeup company. BECCA has been a cruelty-free brand, but Estée Lauder is not. They also sell in China who has a law for makeup, it must be animal tested before it can be sold. It is not known whether or not BECCA will remain cruelty-free. Estée Lauder wants to expand the brand globally, and China is a huge marketplace for cosmetics. Here is a more in-depth look at China’s animal testing laws.

Estée Lauder brought Smashbox in 2010, another makeup company, and they too were cruelty free. After they were inducted, they lost their status as cruelty-free as the brand was being sold in China. stated 10 reasons why you should use cruelty free cosmetics here.

“Tests that use animals to assess the safety of cosmetics and personal care products—such as lipstick, mascara, shampoo, and cologne—are still extremely common in the United States. It’s estimated that thousands of mice, guinea pigs, rats, and rabbits suffer and die in these tests every year in the U.S. alone. Each ingredient in a cosmetic or personal care product that needs to be tested can be run through the tests listed below. Pain relief is rarely provided and the animals used are always killed at the end of each test,” The Humane Society of The United States.

The Humane Society of The United States also has a chart of what kind of animals are being tested on, and what specific use they are tested for here.

When I personally learned that animals were being tested not only for cosmetics, but also house hold products  I was appalled. What really hit home for me was a picture of cats that I saw being tortured through animal testing. I have two cats at home and tears immediately sprung to my eyes, I love my cats and I would never want any harm to come to them. If their claws get stuck on a string, I panic that they have somehow hurt themselves. In 2016 there is no need for animals to be tested on and why would humans want to use a product that needs to be tested on animals skins to ensure the safety of it?

What do you guys think about this merge? Let me know your thoughts below.


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