The Too Faced Hangover Spray


Too Faced cosmetics is a known name in the makeup game and they are expanding the line for the holiday season. The company is cruelty-free and even has some vegan products to offer customers. I personally am a fan of the brand and I love their liquid lipsticks and BB cream.

I have seen many raving reviews on the hangover primer and I even have it on my list to buy when I run out of my current makeup primer. It seems to be a great buy for any type of skin.

Cure your next beauty hangover with Hangover, a revolutionary makeup primer that’s infused with coconut water, a probiotic-based ingredient, and skin revivers which work together to boost skin’s radiance, promote elasticity, and help hydrate while locking down makeup for fresher, longer, and more flawless wear. Too Faced harnessed the science of hydration to create a creamy, penetrating primer that acts like an energy drink for the skin by replenishing moisture levels. It can be worn alone for a dewy, healthy looking finish, or under bronzers, foundations, and powders to create the perfect canvas.

The newest product to this line will be the Hangover three-in-one Replenishing Primer and Setting Spray, and it will go hand in hand with the primer. The release date and price is still unknown but it is already garnering a lot of hype from excited makeup lovers.

The spray is targeted to actually help with hangovers, but in the sense of skin as seen in the description of the primer above. The product is being strategically released during the holiday season because it is the time where women are going to celebrate the holidays and will be adorning a lot of makeup and drinking at parties. The cold weather will also aid in the drying out of skin. The product contains ingredients such as coconut water and a probiotic. These two ingredients will add moisture and refurbish skin.

In an interview with,  Dr. Joshua Zeichner, a dermatologist and director of cosmetic and clinical research at Mount Sinai Hospital says that skin can get hung over.

“Combining cold, dry winter weather with lack of sleep and heavy drinking can lead to an impaired skin barrier, with dryness, scaling, and inflammation — and the skin may look dull, scaly, and itch. While the skin normally is able to repair itself, lack of sleep along with alcohol leads to dehydration.”

It will be used to prime, set makeup or to just replenish skin with a satisfying mist.

Will you be interesting in purchasing this new product? Let me know your thoughts below.



Chanel’s 2016 Holiday Makeup Collection

Chanel is a top tier luxury brand. It comes after Hermes and before Louis Vuitton. It was to my absolute delight to find out they had their own makeup brand a few years ago. I have over the past three years developed a small collection of their pricy products.

As it is a luxury brand… the makeup is quite expensive. I have paid $45 for a lip balm and I am not afraid to say it. But I tell you that the lip balm is moisture heaven in a bottle. It was well worth the money and I am sad to say that I am running out of the balm. A tear will be shed for my bank account when I hand the consultant at the Chanel counter my card to repurchase it.

The “Collection Libre, Synthetic De Chanel” is the 2016 Holiday Makeup Collection. The Beauty Lookbook did a in depth review on five pieces from the collection, and was only happy with four. I thought that I would take a look.

It is described on the Chanel website as, “Inspired by the material urban world, Chanel Global Creative Makeup and Colour Designer Lucia Pica translates glass, metal and rubber into a palette of industrial shades contrasted with bright tones. The result: A vibrant, modern Holiday 2016 collection with a hypnotic edge.”

The Architectonic eyeshade palette $80


It features five different limited edition neutral winter eyeshadows that are perfect everyday looks and even a holiday smokey eye.

The Calligraphie De Chanel long wear intense cream eyeliner $35


The Joues Contraste Powder Blush $45


This blush is a bright bubble gum pink that will add to the natural flush winter first gives off.


Rouge Double Intensite Ultra Wear Lip Colour in Curious Orange $35


Who doesn’t love a red lip for the holidays, this color looks like it will compliment all shades, as do the lipsticks below.

Rouge Allure in Ultrarose $35


Rouge Allure in Ultraberry $35


Rouge Allure Gloss in supernude and supercoral  $37

The supernude is the one item that intrigues me the most. It looks like it is the perfect nude color and it would be a great for winter. This is a color that can be dressed up or down and can be worn year long. This item is on my makeup buy list and I hope to purchase it soon to replace another nude gloss that I have from Chanel. It seems to be the perfect gloss to keep in the car or purse.


Le Vernis Long wear Nail Colour $28

This year I have really been feeling nude colors and again the  Velvet nail colour looks to be another purchase that I might have to make. The grey color is intriguing as well and looks to be the perfect color to wear to family holiday meals at Thanksgiving and Christmas. The name is liquid mirror a beautiful match for the beautiful color. It looks to be an opaque and rich grey that would catch the light, and be a conversation starter. It will have you looking better than your family members at the table.



Out of the collection what intrigues you the most?

Were you disappointed by this holiday collection?

Let me know your thoughts below.